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Authentic Handpainted Artistic Slates

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I have been painting for over 25 years, beginning with a class I took "way back when" at the local community college.  I painted for family and friends for many of those early years.  Then about 15 years ago, I began painting on old slate roof shingles taken from the Memorial Baptist Church in Williamston, NC.   Since then, most of the work I sell at the craft shows is painted on slate. I love painting the snowmen and Santas  especially the "vintage" style. Each one is unique!  I try to keep the prices reasonable on my slate paintings so everyone can afford to have one.  They make great gifts!


I am also known in the area for my custom house portraits.  I can work from photos provided by the customer or I can do a site visit and take the photos myself.  Many of my customers have brought me photos of a home where they grew up.   They describe things they remember that are not captured in the photo and ask to have them included in the painting .  Some of my most rewarding moments as an artist are when a customer says I have captured the soul of a fondly remembered scene from their past.

I have been a member of the Roanoke Arts and Crafts Guild for over 20 years.     

Roanoke Arts and Crafts Guild

Slates in all different sizes - as small as 5" x 7"  up to 9" x 18"!

Hours: evenings

If you want your own painting on slate or canvas:

Phone or email your order.  I do custom work!


Glinda W. Fox
307 E Liberty St
Williamston, NC 27892

Phone: 252-792-3745

Questions or comments? Get in touch with me at: